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Welcome Back


The AWC clubhouse is once again open after being closed for the summer. Many members had exciting and interesting summer vacations and I'll be updating and posting photos as member return to Madrid. Check out the new photo album "Life Outside the Club" that shows what we were up to this summer.

Congratulations to our clubhouse secretary and her family as her son Antonio got married this summer. And to long-time member Lynne Friedman, whose beautiful daughter, Natalia, got married as well.

Clubhouse Closed for Summer


The AWC clubhouse will be closed July 17th, thru August 16th. The clubhouse will re-open August 17th at 10:30am. If you need to contact a club member, please contact our president Linda Comella, at

Hope everyone has a great summer.

Kid's Book Exchange details


The AWC Kid's Book Exchange will begin Monday, June 15th and run through the week. A table has been set-up with books for all ages, mostly in English. If you'd like to participate, members can bring in books and exchange them at no cost. If you don't have any books to exchange, then books can be purchased for 1 EUR for members or 2 EUR for non-members.

This is a great way to build up some new books for summer reading and get kids excited about reading. Members and non-members are invited to this fun event.