About Us

The American Women’s Club of Madrid is a social and charitable organization. A diverse offering of activities are held both in the club and in the Madrid area. Activities cover a spectrum of interests, including social, cultural, historical, charity and well-being. These events may weekly, monthly or around special times of the year such as holidays.
Most of the activities and money-raising projects are centralized at the Clubhouse. Light lunches and snacks are available. Moreover, the Clubhouse functions as a home away from home for those Americans and others who are now living here, temporarily or permanently. It is a warm and friendly spot and aids in making life in Spain more interesting and fun.

The Clubhouse is located at:
Plaza de la República del Ecuador 6
28016 Madrid, España
Phone: 91 457 1108
Mobile Phone: 636 863 923
Clubhouse hours: Mon - Fri 10am to 4pm.


The American Women´s Club of Madrid was founded as a charitable, non-profit organization in March of 1954. During Spain’s post-war years men and women from other countries had come to help with the country´s reconstruction. Small groups met for the purpose of helping women from other countries adjust to life in a new country during years that held many challenges. Time passed, groups formed and dissolved, and in March of 1954, 35 American women held the first meeting of the Madrid AWC in what was then the Hilton Hotel.

The membership outgrew the rented room at the Hilton and a new meeting place was needed. With hard work, generous contributions and a mortgage a clubhouse was purchased. On May 12, 1966, the present home of the Club, on Plaza de la República del Ecuador, 6, was officially inaugurated. A library for members was started in 1972 and now holds over 2,500 books.

Throughout the years, the club has been a meeting place for interactions among women of all nationalities. And since the beginning, the members of AWC Madrid have served the community through personal activities and by raising funds to support a multitude of charitable organizations.

Activities for members of the club encompass a myriad of interests: cooking demonstrations, exercise classes, a patchwork group, bridge, mah-jongg, a playgroup for small children and their mothers, Spanish language classes, and many others. The club library is actively maintained with new offerings frequently available. Once a month, the AWC holds a social meeting with coffee and a speaker. Topics for these meetings have included: history, fashion, culture. Evening activities include wine and tapas, and a program for working women. Outside the club activities include cultural visits, an Out to Lunch Bunch, tours, and a walking group. Fund-raising activities include a holiday bazaar, a spring charity fund-raiser, a book and bake sale, and a monthly bring and buy consignment sale. Funds raised by these activities are directed to charitable works and clubhouse maintenance.
Membership is comprised of American women or wives of U.S. Citizens and Associate Members of other nationalities. All members work together to fulfill the purposes of the Club as stated in the Constitution. Members receive a monthly bulletin which features articles written by the chairs of the various committees and includes a calendar of the planned monthly events. A directory of members' names, addresses, and telephone numbers is printed annually. Upon joining, members are urged to participate in any activity that might be of particular interest. As a non-profit organization, the club relies on the volunteer help of members as leaders and helpers.


  1. To help women adapt to the challenges and stresses of living in a new country through support, encouragement and friendship
  2. To provide an opportunity for interaction between women of all nationalities
  3. To help members understand and appreciate the Spanish culture
  4. To engage in charitable activities emphasizing the needs of women and children

Board of Directors 2016- 2017

  • President: Rhea Lefaucheur
  • 1st Vice President:Maria Sibila
  • 2nd Vice President: Liz Page
  • Treasurer: Diane Bucy
  • Co-Treasurer: Karen Wendel
  • Recording Secretary: Sonia Gutierrez
  • Corresponding Secretary: Fran Clemens