Thank You to All AWC Bazaar Donors, Volunteers, and Visitors


AWC would like to extend sincere thanks to all who contributed in one way or another to the success of our Holiday Bazaar, which was held on November 20th. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked on Bazaar Day and to all of those who have spent the past months planning, telephoning and organizing things. We are grateful to all the companies and private individuals who donated or prepared merchandise to be used in the Rifa, Tómbola, Bring and Buy, Books, Bar, and Baked Good sections. Many members and non-members sold or bought raffle tickets. And others helped to spread the word about the Bazaar. We should likewise thank those who braved the nasty weather to come and visit the Bazaar. And we should also mention the kind attention received from the staff of the Hotel Intercontinental. To all of these people and organizations, and to anyone else who might have accidentally been left out, "Thank You!!" "¡Muchas Gracias!"