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Social Meeting- Dream Analysis


On Wednesday, October 21st at 11am, please join us for a fascinating presentation and discussion on dream analysis. Vickie Andrews will discuss how dreams can be interpreted, why we have the dreams that we do, and what we can learn from our dreams. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about their dreams and the meaning behind them.

Vickie is a therapist specializing in clinical psychology, practicing with Sinews Multilingual Therapy Institute, as well as being a therapist to the student body of Saint Louis University.

Prado Museum Tour- Wednesday


David Ruiz, of Madrid Orignal, a private guided tour company, is offering AWC a special Prado Museum tour. On Wednesday, October 14th, he will take a small group on a tour of the new display of 19th century Spanish art.

Space is very limited so sign up at the clubhouse now if interested. Price is 18 euros per person which includes entrance to the Prado museum. Madrid Original comes highly recommended by members and this is an exclusive event not to miss.

The group will meet at 3:45 at the Prado, but people wishing to attend must sign-up in advance.

Pilates Time Change


Just a quick update. The Friday Pilates class has been moved to 10am instead of 10:15. Chrystal Ridgeway, the certified instructor, asks everyone to arrive on time.

If you'd like to sign up for Pilates please contact the clubhouse at